• Question: what will happen if you change the DNA expressions as well as treating mitochondrial diseases

    Asked by zizzi to Ollie on 13 Jun 2011. This question was also asked by saul.
    • Photo: Ollie Russell

      Ollie Russell answered on 13 Jun 2011:

      Most mitochondrial diseases are caused by a change in mitochondrial DNA. This is DNA found in mitochondria that makes some of the proteins we need to make ATP. So if this DNA is damged then it causes a decrease in the amount of ATP we get for our cells to use as energy.

      My work is trying to find away of changing the DNA expression to try and treat the mitochondrial diseases. So this will mean that only “good” proteins are made. This is a nice approach of treating them as it shouldnt have any side effects as only the rubbish proteins are stopped from being made, and everything else is left alone.

      Does this help?