• Question: Do you belive that the world will end in 2012?

    Asked by iamharry to Alex, Amy, Andy, Georgia, Ollie on 18 Jun 2011.
    • Photo: Ollie Russell

      Ollie Russell answered on 14 Jun 2011:

      Yes. I have already started preparing for it. I have built an ungerground bunker that Im attempting to fill with enough canned food to survive the nuclear winter that will follow the end of the world. Im also stockpiling seeds so I can grow crops once the Sun is visible again. Water is a bit of a problem though, I think i’ll just drill a well that is deep enough to not be effected by any radiation or poisons.

    • Photo: Amy Reeve

      Amy Reeve answered on 14 Jun 2011:


      I hope not! I have big plans for 2012!! I don’t think that just because the mayan calender ends the whole world will. Perhaps they just got bored of writing out dates so far into the future. Plus they weren’t exactly that good at prediciting their own demise!!! 🙂

    • Photo: Alex Munro

      Alex Munro answered on 15 Jun 2011:

      No 😉

    • Photo: Andy MacLeod

      Andy MacLeod answered on 18 Jun 2011:

      No, I don’t

      Hi Harry. The 2012 date comes from the ancient Mayan “long count” calendar, which some believe will run out on December 21st 2012. Given that the Mayan civilization didn’t survive long past 1000AD, I don’t put too much faith in their predictions.

      People have been predicting the end of the world for centuries, and as far as I know it hasn’t happened yet. Not even some of our greatest scientists were immune from this. As well as doing work on gravity and light, and a bit of alchemy on the side, Isaac Newton was also something of a mystic, looking in ancient texts for clues when the world would end. He worked out it would be 2060. I hope to live to see that apocalypse not happen too.