• Question: can protein consumption affect younger people as well

    Asked by zizzi to Alex on 12 Jun 2011.
    • Photo: Alex Munro

      Alex Munro answered on 12 Jun 2011:

      Protein is made up of amino acids; when we eat and digest (consume) protein, the amino acids get into our blood and this stimulates the creation of new muscle. This happens in humans of all ages – amino acids are the ‘anabolic stimulus’ for muscle protein synthesis… In older people, there are changes that take place in the muscle. One of these changes is that their muscle becomes less sensitive to the effects of amino acids… this doesn’t really happen in younger people.
      Protein is ESSENTIAL in all our diets (young and old); amino acids are used by the body to make all sorts of things, enzymes, antibodies, hormones, muscle, collagen & elastin (for hair and nails)… there are 30,000 – 50,000 different proteins in the human body!